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Three month health & nutrition plan

For new clients

This program offers a comprehensive overview of your health concerns. A personalized integrative health and nutrition plan will be administered for dealing with symptoms and chronic conditions at the root cause. The goal is to support the body in rebalancing, healing, and optimizing function naturally — for life. Learn how to eat for your body type and metabolic status with a carefully designed, evidence-based Personalized Wellness Program (PWP) that supports systemic health, deters chronic conditions and the development of disease, supports healthy weight and relieves symptoms using food as your go-to medicine and a variety of simple and effective changes to complement a healthier way of life.

A total of four appointments (two 60-minute, two 30-minute appointments) will take place over 3 months by skype, phone, or in person.

Day 1: 60-minute Intake & Initial Recommendations

  • 50-60 Minute Private Consultation (in-office or by Skype/phone)

    • Health history intake

    • Nutrition-based physical assessments

    • Education on how you got here and how to heal

    • Functional Medicine Lab recommendations

    • Initial recommendations to begin on

  • Individualized Functional Medicine (FM) labs shipped directly to you (additional fee)

  • Email & phone support on setting up your consultation & labs

  • Unlimited email support

Day 30: 60-minute Appointment with Personal Recommendations

  • Review of your Functional Medicine labs (if applicable)

  • Design of your Personalized Wellness Plan

  • 50-60 Minute Private Consultation (in-office or by Skype/phone)

  • Review & Explanation of your FM Lab results (root cause imbalances)

  • Review of your Personalized Wellness Plan (PWP)

  • Unlimited email support

  • Your Personalized Wellness Plan® (Included with Month 2):

    • A selection of the best foods for you

    • Sample meal plan template

    • Grocery food shopping guide

    • Personalized detoxification protocols

    • Recommended sleep protocols

    • Stress reduction techniques

    • Exercise recommendations

    • Personalized nutritional supplement recommendations

Day 60: 30-minute follow up and program adjustments

  • Unlimited email support

  • Updates to your personal wellness plan as needed

  • Resources to the best products for your needs

  • 25-30 Minute follow-up consultation for more in depth support

Day 90: 30-minute follow up and program adjustments or maintenance phase

Experience the Difference

As you can see from the program above, there is simply nothing that compares to the step-by-step care that this kind of program provides.

Plus, after your initial 12 weeks, if we feel that it would be beneficial to continue to work together to deepen your health, you will be invited to continue on as a private client for ongoing monthly support, recommendations, wellness plan updates, progress reports, lab re-testing, and much more.

Besides the life-changing results private clients get, most people enjoy knowing they can contact their holistic health practitioner whenever they want to get the answers they can trust.

$299 or $109/month

All supplements and additional lab tests are separate.

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One time nutrition analysis

for new clients

Learn how to eat for your body type and metabolic status in an evidence-based integrative nutritional approach that supports systemic health, deters and reverses chronic conditions and the development of disease, supports healthy weight, and relieves symptoms using food as your medicine and lifestyle approaches that will rebalance the body and cultivate true wellbeing.

This session provides a comprehensive integrative health and functional nutrition blueprint that includes initial meeting & health history review and an outline of your tailored personalized wellness plan to be followed. Various clinical measurements are performed (in person) and a variety of screenings provided to provide root-cause resolution of systemic imbalances.

Follow up appointments available if additional support is needed.

90 minute appointment + comprehensive DIY wellness plan | $149

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Detox plans

For new or returning clients

Detoxes are the perfect health reboot solution!

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Guided Detox Program: Includes all supplements + skype or phone consultations

  • 7 Day Detox | $149 Includes two 30 minute consultations

  • 14 Day Detox | $275 Includes three 30 minute consultations

  • 21 Day Detox | $369 Includes four 30 minute consultations

DIY Detox Programs: Includes all supplements

  • 7 day detox | $99

  • 14 day detox | $198

  • 21 day detox | $269

If you are currently already a wellness client of mine or would simply like my advice and recommendations based on your current protocol, I am happy to help.

Please keep in mind that these follow up calls are to help you fine tune your current protocol and not create a full Personalized Wellness Plan. Unfortunately, I am not able to design full programs in just 30-minutes. (To become a new private client and receive your own Personalized Wellness Plan please fill out the form below to apply).

My follow up or review calls are 30-minutes and can include 1-2 of the following:

  • Answers to your health & weight loss questions

  • Sleep, exercise, stress reduction, etc. recommendations

  • Detox recommendations

  • Review of a previous lab

  • Refine a current Personalized Wellness Protocol

  • Make new recommendations after 6-8 weeks of being on a new PWP

I look forward to helping you soon!

60 minutes: $75

30 minutes: $45

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follow up appointments: 30 or 60 minutes

For returning clients


Adult Functional Nutrition Questionnaire/Application

The adult intake questionnaire below is a standard wellness client intake form used in Functional Nutrition to get a more complete health history.

Accurately assessing all the factors and comprehensively managing them is the best way to deal with these health challenges. Your careful consideration of each of the following questions will enhance our efficiency and will provide for more effective use of your scheduled consultation time. These questions will help to identify underlying root causes of illness and will also assist us to formulate a treatment plan.

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Example: indoors/outdoors
Did you feel safe growing up? *
Have you been involved in abusive relationships in your life?
Was alcoholism or substance abuse present in your childhood home, or is it present now in your relationships? *
Do you feel safe, respected and valued in your current relationship?Checkbox 4 *
Have you had any violent or otherwise traumatic life experiences, or have you witnessed any violence or abuse? *
Would you feel safer discussing any of these issues privately? Would you prefer not to speak about these issues? *
(as a child and adult)
(e.g., Cortisone, Prednisone, etc.)
(List typical meals and snacks)
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